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Plastic Bottle Caps

Needless to say that our products comply with all require- ments regarding functionality, reliability and user-friendli- ness. We are familiar with all aspects related to closure technology. Just as our closures match your bottles our services match your needs as regards cost effectiveness, safety, state of the art technology and service.

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Quality Plastic Caps

The International Caps Company is a pioneer in supplying plastic injection molded products to the bottled water and juice industries. When blow molded bottles came into use International Caps Company was one of the first suppliers of caps in Pakistan.

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Food Grade Water Bottles

We also suppy Food Grade Plastic Water Bottles for mineral water used in water dispensors, coolers etc.

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Bottled Water Dispensor

Bottled water plastic dispenser requires no electricity and can be used anywhere in the home. The tabletop design makes it portable, so it's great for tailgating, picnics, sporting events and water and other emergencies.

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"We Manufacture Plastic Bottles, Caps Plastic and Ceramic Dispensers, Pumps & other accessories"


International Caps Company based its operation and work principles to customer satisfaction, and realized that this is the greatest gain in the long term.

In customer relations, the same level of importance is attached to service quality as product quality.

It is essential for our company to gain profit from its activities in order to continue its existence. However, ensuring customer loyalty and improving each other will always be the priorities.

Within the establishment, personnel trainings and improvements will continue constantly.

In such activities, all the legal conditions will be followed and the management will audit itself in every related subject.

Continuously tracking and improving all the above mentioned principles is the philosophy of the company, and the company will not compromise from this philosophy.

Our company will produce the plastic products in line with the legal legislations and customer conditions by considering safety rules.

In order to ensure food safety, our company will take the precautions required to prevent events defined as hazardous in the process starting with the entrance of raw materials and ending with shipment.


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